I describe myself as a Camera Artist/Photographer who transitioned from dancer to dance photographer with the same passion and eye for detail.

My work has been to cover major dance companies, and dancers, from studio rehearsals through to performance.  These include Royal Ballet Covent Garden, Birmingham Royal Ballet, ENB, Rambert Dance, Akram Khan Company, White Cloud (Taiwan), Bolshoi Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet etc.   

My work appears in UK’s leading dance magazine, DANCING TIMES. 

Now with the world crisis it is is time to rethink my website, and indeed how I work.   It is important to stay true to my vision as a photographer – so in my current layout of my website I present work of individual companies and Artists. I thank all those who have given me opportunities along the way, and especially those who stand by me now.   

As we go forward it may be possible to include the latest productions being presented on stage.  I just have to go with the flow.    Photo Editors,  Companies, PRs may approach me for any creative and documentary commissions.


Kristyna Kashvili

London, UK

October 2020